Friday, August 8, 2008

The River of Fear

There is a valley . That hasa river called the River of Fear and it twists and turns and forks left and right and the forks in the river have many different names some are called a trial separration and divorce and one is where the kids spend 6 mounths with one parrent and 6 mounths with the other parent . But there is a small shred of hope with a lot of hard work you and you husband and or wife .Can paddle you way passed all the forks in the River of Fear .If God is your guide He can help you through the valley and The River of Fear . He and He alone can keep you away from the forks in the River of Fear .For the LORD says to trust in him and not to lean on your own understanding . And in JOB 11:15 syas :Then you will lift up your face with out shame ; you will stand firm and with out shame