Monday, April 28, 2008

wishes and reality

i have come to place in my life where i wish my family etc. my mom and dad and my little sister and her family and my little brother and his family could be here for MY families adoption in realty i know that i wont see my parents this year at least i don't think i will and that bothers me allot and the closer the adoption grows closer it bothers me even more to know that my family wont be here to see the new start of my family take place that bothers me more than any one knows

thanks for listening

Friday, April 25, 2008

well here it goes it was 1991 i was going to bellevue baptist chruch . i walked in and saw the most beautiful woman i had ever met well i swallow my adams apple and went over to her and intro duced my self i was littlerly scared to death i never told angie about that . well it just so happend our first date was on the missippi bell on the river well at the time i was scared of crowded places and that boat was filled to the brim with people i spent the whole time walking around could not sit still to save my life. well the date was so bad she left with a girl that she new and said she never wated to hear from me ever again well she called me a few mounth's later and that started a whole chain of events and that is t he first date me and angie ever had how what a mess

thanks for the time see you soon

clear thoughts

i must admitt that for the first time in a very long time i am able to think clear headed such as doing things around the house when skylor is awake i normaly would not be able to do things like that before so i am doing much better

thank you for the time


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

50 things about me

1. i am 38 in november
2. i have been a wrestling fan for very very long time
3. i have been to wrestling live 2 times in my life time
4. my biggest wish is to goto wrestle mania live once before i die
5. i have been know to try and right a short story before although i lose my train of thought
6. i like video games playstation and computer both
7. i like surprise party although the last time my wife tryed to plan one it fell through
8. i like model trains
9. i once cut a class
10.i have know my wife for 18 years this year
11.i am a rock hunter i love geods and that kinda stuff
12.i love the opera i saw madam butterfly at age 13
13.i love watching the strongest man compation
14 i do not like most sports i just dont have any intrest in them
15 BUT i do like mixed martial arts tourney's
16.i LOVE fishing and camping
17.i have had every nintendo systems excpet DS and WII but i hope to correct this sometime
18.i am a huge movie fan
19.i am a cartoon fanantic
20i have a total of 4 brothers and 1 sister
21.i have been ingaged 2 in my life the first time was not good
22.i am very family oriented
23.the lord provided a miracle in telling me that angie was gonna be my wife its too long to type here ill tell the story in person
24. mine and anige first date was a dissater and it was my fault
25.i am going to try and start reading more
26.i love good flea markets and antique shops
27.i am a trash diggir and yes i kn ow that i am going to have to explain this so dont be affraid of asking
28.i love a good mystery movie and mystery theaters
29. sherlock holmes is my all time favorite detective
30.young sherlock holmes is one of my favorite movies
31.i reazly like horro movies vampires espacialy
32 .blogging in fun its a good way to record my feeling and thoughts
33 .bram stockers dracula is the best story ever made on dracula
34 .i like riding bikes and hiking and going to the national park
35. i LOVE swimming
36. i like horses and riding horses but i have not ridden in a long time
37.i lke musicals sound of music is one of my all time favorite
38. i am huge star wars fan
39.i like amusement parks and water parts
40.i enjoy being a camp counselor "and i have done it twice in the past"
41. i love to play to play world of warcraft
42. i have had one of every race and class and lest once
43 .i like lincoln logs and legos
44. i love my kids im ready for the adoption to be over and final
45. i love cajun food alot alot alot
46. i have tasted gator and it tastes lime sausage yum yum
47. i want to see ireland and scottland once before i die
48. all the vehicles i have ever one but 2 have been mazda BUT i do like the kia rondie
49. i love to watch the witches of eastwick
50. i love my small group they have helped us through alot

Monday, April 14, 2008


it is April 14 skylor turns 2 today and got a rad new skooter with all kinds of fun new sounds and wanted to say thanks for the love support and care and now for a closing thought .the lord loves you and no matter what even when we dont deserve it

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my days

its april 6th its warm and cozy out side today the lord has made another beautiful day i look forward to seeing the people from our small group tonight . I love taking care of my kids im still learninng alot of things i pray the lord will give me patients and love for my self and my family