Friday, April 25, 2008

well here it goes it was 1991 i was going to bellevue baptist chruch . i walked in and saw the most beautiful woman i had ever met well i swallow my adams apple and went over to her and intro duced my self i was littlerly scared to death i never told angie about that . well it just so happend our first date was on the missippi bell on the river well at the time i was scared of crowded places and that boat was filled to the brim with people i spent the whole time walking around could not sit still to save my life. well the date was so bad she left with a girl that she new and said she never wated to hear from me ever again well she called me a few mounth's later and that started a whole chain of events and that is t he first date me and angie ever had how what a mess

thanks for the time see you soon

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