Friday, May 16, 2008

200 hundred words about my life group

i honestly believe that the lord sent us to the best life group in the world lead by john barber because from the very first time we came ya'll have been loving caring supportive and uplifting to me and my wife and the kids . i believe that the lord new all long that we would adopted taylor and skylor and he new that we would need the extra help and guidance and teaching this life group has taught me more than i ever thought possible .well it give me great pleasesure to announce that the adoption is FINAL at last after 2 very long years and hear is the best picture of

my life from left to right .angie taylor thats the judge that did the adoption me and skylor i will never forget that day as long as i live and i owe it all in some way to my favortie life group but mostly to god for sending us to the best life group in the world .

well thanks for listening

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John Barber said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy that it is final. We need to celebrate!